Thursday, June 5, 2008

My little boy...

Last Thursday, K graduated from pre-school. It was the cutest thing, really. They put on a program consisting of everything they had learned that year. Each child got up to the microphone and said something like "we can recognize our colors." And the teacher would hold up color flash cards and all of the kids shouted out what color it was. Or, the one that impressed me the most was "We can say Psalm 100!" And that they did. It was amazing. I was so proud of my little man.The cake.
He was so excited. We even put gel in his hair. :)
Here he is saying "we can count to 10" as the class counted along with him.

Here's all of us afterward with a timed shot. Not that great but oh well, you know me and pictures. :)

Oh, I forgot to include the picture of him walking in line while picking his was cute but, I'm sure you don't really want to see that.

I'm really thankful for K's pre-school experience. He has made lots of friends and has learned many things. I know I will look back on this day and smile...or cry. You never know.

Next Stop...Kindergarten!

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Amanda said...

isn't that little graduation the cutest thing ever! I loved getting to see them practice, I wish i could have come to the actual one!

Anyways, you should post for the contest on your own blog. I'll post with all the details tomorrow... err i mean soon! don't know if i'll have time tomorrow :) anyways, thanks for joining in, you were #5 so it's a go!