Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What a Weekend!

So, I went to the Women Of Faith Conference this weekend and it was great! I laughed, I cried, and I laughed some more, and when I was done laughing...I cried again. :) The conference was Friday Night and all day saturday so, myself and some other ladies from our church all stayed over at a hotel. Saturday night after the conference I went out to dinner with my friends Deb and Autumn. We went to Aladdin's (my favorite restaurant) and I pigged out on lebanese food! After Dinner Deb dropped me off at my house and asked if she could come in and get her dish towel she left here a couple of weeks ago. Then, Autumn decided she wanted to come in and see the house. You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this but, I'm getting to the good part. I walked in, and said "I'm home," and I heard a little rustling downstairs. I saw a bouquet of balloons beyond the door to the basement so, I walked downstairs and...SURPRISE! I had 20 people in my Family Room! I was shocked to say the least, and very very blessed. I had no idea that many people liked me. :) My mom was in on it all and to top it off, my brother had flown in all the way from Texas to surprise me. Our closest friends and family were there, including my Mother in-law who has been in Florida, my dad and stepmom, and of course, my sister Gracie (my mom's dog) I couldn't leave her out. Unfortunately, I had already eaten but, my mom had planned some delicious food...lots of my favorites. But, the leftovers certainly have not gone to waste! I was so blessed that everyone could come and share in my special day. My husband put so much work into planning this and I felt really loved. He is the absolute best. And the fact that I was actually surprised was a huge success!! Thanks Honey. K also did a little decorating for the party (I wish I had a picture) They were so excited, that even the next day A was still singing happy birthday! Here are some pictures ...


recovering from the shock...and yes, I did cry a little....

present time!

some of the food, including a Birthday cheesecake...yum! (it was raspberry swirl.)

Chatting with my dad.

Me and my little...I mean, younger brother the day after the party.

It was quite a weekend, one I will never forget. I'm still smiling about it. A HUGE thank you to my husband, mom, and all of my friends and family for making me feel so special...

I love you all!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

What a great man you've got! My mom told me all about the party etc. and I was so happy for you!!
What a great night filled with memories to tuck away.