Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring is Here?

We awoke this morning to sunlight and birds chirping which could only mean one thing...is it really spring? I was hesitant to title this post with a period because in Central New York- you never really know what weather tomorrow could bring. This beautiful weather invited us outside for a picnic and we accepted, of course. We picked K up from school and headed to the park. We even got daddy to take his lunch break with us, which wasn't difficult because he looks for any excuse to be outside, and the fact that it was with us was a bonus! Picnics happen to be one of our favorite things to do as a family and today happened to be our first one of the season with many to follow, I'm sure.
K lead us in this prayer over lunch:

"Dear Jesus, thank You for this day. Thank you for this food, and thank you for this beautiful day for a picnic. Amen!" That about summed up how we all felt. Here are some pics of our little outing. My little man is getting big!Chowing down on lunch.
Determined to make it to the top!
She loves the wingit. (swingset) :)

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Amanda said...

great pics! i have to say, i have been a little beside myself with this weather :) it's sooo amazing to be able to just go outside and not have to think too hard about how you're gonna stay warm!