Saturday, February 23, 2008


We've been in Boston since Wednesday so, that's why I haven't been around in the last few days. We are having a lovely time seeing friends and meeting new people. We had a blast today taking the kids to the aquarium. They were mesmerized by all of the fish and especially the penquins. K's favorite part was seeing the shark. I thought that was pretty cool too. One really interesting thing about Boston is that it is very easy to get lost. Our first night in the city got us lost for an hour and a half and we ended up in a not-so lovely part of town. Thank goodness for the family we are staying with, they guided us safely home via a cell phone conversation and after the stress had subsided we had a good laugh about it. The kids were sound asleep in the back seat and missed the whole thing. This morning we awoke to approximately 7 inches of snow outside of our window. It made me feel right at home as we walked through the piles of slush and yuck. It made me wish I had remembered my snow boots. I knew I should have made a list....
One of the main reasons we are here is because my husband does quite a bit of ministry travel here and has been able to connect with alot of great people and he wanted me to be able to meet some of them and also, one of his friends is a Pastor here and they were holding a conference and Kent was sharing there yesterday so, we decided to make it a family trip. It's a lot of work to bring the kids on a trip but, in the long run it's so worth it because they have such a fun time and get to see new surroundings and meet new friends. All in all my impression of Boston is a good one. A very beautiful city and the great new friends I've met have made the city even better! I'll have another post when we get back.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We love Boston. LOVE, love, love it! Since we are only 3 hours away we have been able to go quite often. Eve loves to ride the train (subway), and the aquarium IS amazing! My favorite time of year to visit is Spring time - completely breathtaking.

So glad you are having a good time - have safe travels back! :)


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a good little get away! I'm sure it's nice to travel with K when you can instead of being home alone with the kids!

Just wanted to let you know that I made your Ratatouille Pizza this week and it was super delicious!!! I also made the banana oatmeal cookies yesterday and they are amost gone. I don't bake much so that was a huge treat for the family! Thanks!

Sarah said...

We love Boston too. My Aunt & Uncle live there, and we've been to visit several times. My uncle (the history-of-Boston-buff), says that the roads are patterned after the original cow trails from the colonial days. No wonder they make no sense at all! All the brick is so beautiful, and I agree with Andrea - spring is the best. When all the trees just start blooming and all the cherry blossoms are out. Just lovely. I'm glad you had fun!