Monday, January 28, 2008


Well...the reason I haven't posted in 5 days is because I got the flu the very same day of my last post. It was, needless to say, awful. I finally felt better yesterday. NOW, my husband has it. It has not been fun around here. Thankfully, A hasn't caught it. We are praying it stays that way. It's been years since I've been that sick. Some nasty bug got ahold of us and wouldn't let go. We don't get sick often at all so, it really slammed us.
I didn't forget about posting the recipe, I just haven't really had a chance so, I will get to it, I promise.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so, so sorry! Mom said you were insanely sick. I hope A stays healthy and you continue to recover well. Sorry about your husband! Hope it goes quickly for him.


Michelle said...

YUCK!!! That really stinks! I hope you guys are all recovered by now and somewhat back to normal. I fear the stomach flu more than anything. At least it's pretty short lived. Hope you guys have a good week!