Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The awful "V" word.

The "V" word being vomit. One of my least favorite words...and things.
Things have been a little crazy around here to say the least. My son has the stomach "bug" which is not fun at all, obviously for him but, also for the one who is cleaning things up....namely, me. :) Yesterday was a normal day. I dropped him off at school, went to a friends house with A and picked him up as usual at 11:30. He was acting completely normal and fine. At lunch he complained of a tummy ache and I just thought maybe he was full or just maybe had to go to the bathroom or something. At 2pm naptime came and he started crying and saying his tummy really hurt. By the way, I love when at this age they can actually tell you what is wrong with them. It is very helpful. I sat with him in his bed and rubbed his back and sang him a few songs thinking he might fall asleep. I did this to no avail. He wouldn't sleep so, I brought him downstairs on the sofa and made him some ginger tea and put on a video so he could rest.
I got up to go to the bathroom, and sure enough....well, you can guess. Not fun. My poor baby. My husband happened to be home at the time but, he has a fairly weak stomach when it comes to these things so, he just kind of kept his distance and helped with what he could handle. All I can say is...I think I've thoroughly sanitized everything as much as possible to try and prevent anyone else from getting sick, if that is even possible.
He had a few more episodes after that but, made it through the night fine. Today he is fine and able to keep some food down which is good. K has only had the stomach flu one other time in his life and that was when he was 18 months old. He doesn't get sick that often so, this was a sort of new experience for him because he of course doesn't remember the last time this happened.
Anyway, I think we are in the clear for now. I'm not sure I will send him to school tomorrow because I don't know for sure if he would still be contagious or not and I try to be very careful about getting other kids sick. I don't even send him if he has a little cough. Some may say that is crazy but, to me it's like this...if I send him in sick then it's like I'm purposely trying to get other kids sick and that's not cool. :) That's just something we decided was right for us.
Well, that's what's up with us. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something a little more exciting to post about.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Ugg! I am so sorry! I dread the stomach bug - I panic when I think of the kids catching it! I hope K feels much, much better soon and you all stay healthy as can be.


Michelle said...

Yuck! So sorry for your little guy. I hope the rest of you stay healthy. At least the stomach flu is short lived! It was great catching up with you! A is a doll!

Jessica said...

OOOH! *sticks tongue out in disgusted sympathy* I'm so sorry this is happening!

KT said...

Oh man, I am so sorry too...I hope you are all healthy now!