Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Oprah has one so, why can't I, right? I decided to let you in on a list of some of my fave things. Note: I'm not talking about my favorite things as in the obvious, my hubby my kids, etc...I mean my fave items. Just for fun. Here's just a few.
Flats1. Flats. Love them. I used to wear heels all of the time...until I had kids. I'm so glad there are so many cute styles available. They are stylish and comfy. You can get some of them really cheap too. I found a cute gray pair on sale for $3- can't beat that!

2. Coffee. But, the funny thing is, I mostly drink decaf. I gave up caffeine when I was pregnant with my son and I never really went back. I just love the taste of it...with cream. :)

3. Hazelnuts. I love the scent of hazelnut candles and the taste of hazelnut in coffee or anything for that matter.

skinny jeans
4. When I first learned that skinny jeans were back in, I thought"I will never wear those." Well, I now have a pair. I think the key is to finding a pair that fits you comfortably and aren't too tight. I didn't really want to look like a celebrity or a fashion victim, I just wanted to try them out and see if I liked them. I found a pair at Steve and Barry's for $14.98. They fit nicely and look great with flats! Thanks, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sensual Amber by bath and body works
5. Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works. I've loved this scent since the first time I smelled it. Every time I would go past a Bath and Body works store, I would go in and smell it. Just smell it. I never bought it. Then, for Christmas, I received the lotion for a gift and now, it's all I wear. It smells amazing.

6. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture for this one.
I love Mediterranean food; Especially Greek and Lebanese. I love hummus, stuffed grape leaves (dolmades), spanikopita, just to name a few. Ok, now I'm hungry. :)

Well, there you go. I'd love to hear some of your favorite things.

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bethany said...

I think I'm going to do this on my blog! :) It seems like fun.

I have to admit, I'm terrified of skinny jeans. I'm pretty sure they'd look terrible on someone with my body shape, so I can't bring myself to try on a pair. But I think they would look great on you! :)