Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Festivities

We just returned from a few days with family in The Southern Tier of NY state. It was a fun and busy time. We were able to see people we don't often get a chance to see and the kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and eating Christmas cookies. I do have pictures but, I need to find the's somewhere around here. I am still waist high in boxes and bags and suitcases. I just stare and secretly wish I could say the magic words and everything would all be unpacked and neatly in their respective places. No such luck. Christmas Day was spent with my mom, and my brother who flew in from Texas. We always have a wonderful time with them. It seemed a little different without my step-dad here who passed away in September. He had been apart of our family for the past 13 years.

A loved her new Kitchen set and kept saying "I'ma cooka dinna" while stirring a pot on her little stove. K also has been enjoying his big remote control Truck with a "Hemi" and was educated on what a Hemi actually is by his Pap-Pap who owns a real truck with one. :)

This blog would not be complete without pictures, I know but, you'll have to wait one more day. Maybe I'll make a slide show. :)

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Sarah said...

Hi! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. I'll be watching for pictures!