Monday, November 26, 2007

Sorry I'm late.

I think I am the last one to figure out what "being tagged" means. I realized that I was tagged by Sarah and Tracy for this meme about 2 weeks ago! Sorry, girls. I can be a little slow at times. :)

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. Barista

2. Natural Health Consultant

3. Nanny

4. Bussing tables

Four movies I could watch over and over:

Only 4?

1. Napolean Dynamite

2. All Ocean's movies

3. All Spiderman Movies

4. About a Boy and Lady in The Water are tied

TV shows I like - reality version:

I don't really watch a ton of tv but, these are some shows I watch on occasion.

1. American Idol

2. Next Great American Band (until Idol comes on)

3. Jon and Kate +8

4. What Not To Wear (if that counts as reality)

Four TV shows that I like - non-reality version

This may sound dumb but, I'm not really into any shows that are on now.

1. occasionally I'll watch Grey's anatomy but, I'm not too hooked.

2. ?

3. ?

4. ?

Four places I’ve gone on vacation:

1. Myrtle Beach

2. Virginia Beach

3. Florida

4. New Orleans

Four favorite foods:

Only 4 of these too?

1. Anything Greek...especially spanikopita

2. Lebanese

3. sushi

4. Any and all cheese...except for limberger :)

Four web sites I visit daily:

1. my blog

2. friend's blogs

3. myspace

4. yahoo (for email)

Four places I would rather be:

1. someplace warm and sunny

2. Italy

3. Greece

4. coffee shop with a book.

Four bloggers I tag:

Because of my tardiness, I think everyone has done this but, just in case...

1. Andrea

2. KT

3. ?

4. ?

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