Monday, November 26, 2007

"Like Butta!"

Here's something fun and different you can do with your kids to keep their hands busy!
K and I made homemade butter today. I had a pint of unused heavy cream left from Thanksgiving and I thought about what I could do with it. That's when I decided to make butter. I've never done this before but, I knew how. I know sometimes in preschools they make it in a little baby food jar and shake it forever and then...ta-da! Butter. In case you'd like to try this with your kids-here's what I did. I used an electric mixer with a whisk attachment. I poured the cream into a medium mixing bowl. I mixed for what seemed like forever (it wasn't) probably 5 minutes or so, until the cream was a little crumbly looking and watery. (well past the whipped cream stage). You'll know when you turn your mixer off and look, you'll see some water at the bottom of the bowl. I mixed a little bit longer then, I put the mixture in a fuzz-free kitchen towel and squeezed all of the liquid out. Ta-da! Butter. I scooped it into a little bowl and added some honey. We spread it on a piece of bread and needless to say...delicious! K was excited he had made butter and it definitely gave us something to do on this rainy day!

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