Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My First Post...

Our Easter was wonderful. We decided to go to my mom's this year and we had a great time. She planned an elaborate egg hunt for the kids which was the highlight of the rest of the evening. The next morning my son woke up and started hiding all of his things so he could have another "travel hunt" like nama's house. (he calls my mom nama- pronounced namaw). I enjoy Holidays with my children, it helps me to see things from a totally different perspective. Everything is so much more exciting and big and fantastic through a child's eyes. Dandelions become the most beautiful flowers on earth, and a sandbox is the best beach ever. An airplane soaring through the sky is the most amazing thing seen all day. I appreciate the little things in my life much more because of my kids. Experiencing things with my children is like experiencing them for the first time even if I've been there or done it 100 times. So...enjoy your life! Go pick some dandelions...or daisies! :) Blessings.

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