Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Last week, our kids attended a VBS at a nearby church. In case you're not familiar with what VBS is, it stands for Vacation Bible School. It is almost like a day camp where your kids go and learn about God and have tons of fun! This was their first time ever going to VBS. Because I homeschool, we spend a lot of time together so, I think it was as good for them as it was for me, to get a little break.
To be honest, I didn't know what I would do with myself alone for three hours! I wanted to make the most of this week. After it was over, I second-guessed whether or not I used my time wisely. My hubby and I snuck in a breakfast date on Friday morning. (one of our favorite dates that don't happen often). We stumbled upon this diner that uses fresh and local ingredients and everything was homemade. Their coffee was even Fair Trade and the prices were very reasonable. It was fun.
Anyway, I digress, Back to VBS...
I know several people from this particular church and knew it would not only be safe but, they would have a great time. Let's just say "A" cried when it was all over. I totally understood the let-down that she felt at the end. We all go through that when there's such a high and then all of a sudden, it's over. I told her I feel that way when Christmas is over.
At the end of the week, they had a Grand Finale in the evening where the parents could come and see the kids perform the songs they had been practicing. It was so cute. I managed to capture some video on my phone.

My kiddos are on the far left corner. "K" has on a blue shirt and "A" is next to him off to the side a little.

Did your kids attend a day camp or VBS this summer?

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Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yup! Eve went a vbs here in town and she absolutely LOVED it. She was nervous to go but I knew she was going to be thrilled once she realized how much fun it was.

Next year Judah will be able to go also and he's counting down the time :)

I'm so glad that BOTH of your kids could attend. Great for them and you!