Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Memories...

As promised, here is another picture from our visit back home!

During our visit, two of Kent's sisters and their families came as well. There were 9 kiddos and 7 adults! "K" and "A" love seeing and spending time with their cousins. We all live in different parts of the country so, it was really special to get to be with them. We were missing Kent's sister Kristina and her daughter. :(

Nana (Kent's mom) made all of the granddaughters these adorable strawberry sundresses and they all wore them one day. 3 little ones are missing from this picture.
I just noticed that they are all lined up from younger to oldest...that was unplanned. How cute!

On the day this picture was taken; we all walked down to the town drugstore to get penny candy...the walk was hot but, the treat at the end made it well worth it. Then we all came back and took a dip in the pool.
As crazy as it might have been with all of the kids, wonderful memories are always made when they are together.



Oh my goodness! Precious dresses! Adorable picture. Sounds like a lovely trip and visit. I would've shed plenty of tears when I had to leave.

Jenny said...

Those dresses are adorable! Sounds like a wonderful trip! My sister and her children live in CA, so we don't see them often--but we all got together for my brother's wedding in April. There are 9 cousins--the 8 oldest are boys ranging from 2 to 11--so it is definitely a wild and crazy time! I wish we could spend a whole lot more time together, though!