Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have You Met Tom?

Yesterday, as we were driving home from a lovely day at the beach; an advertisement came on the radio for The Great American Food and Music Fest. The announcer said that Paula Deen and Tom Colicchio would be there. Excited, I went on and on about how fun that would be to attend and how cool it would be to meet Tom being that I am a HUGE Top Chef fan. My husband says to me "Nobody knows who Tom Colicchio is!" I said "Oh my gosh, everybody knows who Tom Colicchio is. Why on earth would they have a huge event at the Gilette Stadium and feature him if no one has heard of him?" I jokingly debated. For the next few minutes we bantered playfully when finally I said "OK, I'm going to do a poll on facebook and find out who really knows or doesn't know who Tom Colicchio is." Later that evening I sat down and wrote this status:

I think MOST people know who Tom Colicchio is,my husband thinks I am crazy. So...I'm doing a little poll. Without Googling, who knows or doesn't know who Tom Colicchio is? :)

My first commenter knew who he was. "Yes, this is going great" I thought. Well...30 comments later, and a few laughs in between, only 7 people knew who Tom Colicchio was. I hung my head in defeat as my husband (lovingly) gloated about his victory. I guess I was in my own little Top Chef world thinking Tom was a household name Like "Simon" or even "Paula Deen"...

...Oh well, you win some, you lose some...*sigh*.

*Picture from Google Images.


Mimi said...

I am a HUGE Top Chef fan, I adore Tom!

He not only is the head judge on Top Chef he's also a renowned chef/owner/restauranteur of Craft & Craft Steak.


P.S. He was also in that Diet Coke commercial I loved so much :)

Anonymous said...

lol... I did not know who Tom was... Cute post! :)