Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ask Me Anything!

I noticed that I have 38 "followers" and about half of you I have never met in person. I thought it may be a fun idea to open up the blog for you to ask me some questions....anything you want, as kind of a get to know me sort of thing. Questions about me and my family, our life, ministry, anything you can think of. Nothing is off limits. Well...maybe some things but, you know what I mean. Be creative! If I don't get any questions by the end of the week...I may just consider retiring from blogging. (just joking). That's just me manipulating you into asking me questions. :) All kidding aside. I will post a Q&A hopefully Monday so...get to it.
This should be fun!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you've did you and your hubby meet!!

I think of you guys often...hope all is going well!!!

Casey said...

How was pregnancy/L&D with each of your kids? :)

Jenny said...

My question? What has been the best part of making your big move to the "big city" and what has been the biggest challenge? Since we did something similar not all too long ago (and adapted with varying degrees of success, lol) I'm always interested in the perspective of other moms who have done the same thing!