Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Birthday Interview!

My son will be six tomorrow! Six! I can't believe it! I recently sat down with him for his six-year-old interview. Here's what he had to say. (all of his words are in green, exactly as he said them.)

How old are you?: 6 (almost)

When Is your birthday?: February 7

What is your favorite color?: Red and blue

Your favorite toy?: Hot Wheels cars.

Favorite song?: Two Tickets To Paradise

(I had no clue this was his favorite song, nor do I think he was being serious)

What is your favorite thing to do?: have birthdays all day long.

What do you like to color?: maps

Why? Because I’m a creator. That means I’m an artist.

What is your favorite food?: Cheeseburgers with cheese and tomatoes and nothing else..and lettuce, too. Ask me what’s my favorite person, mom?

Ok, Who’s your favorite person?: Methuselah

Why? Because he was alive a long time ago.

If you could be anything in the world what would you be?: A swordfish, because they have long noses and could fight anyone that comes in their sea.

What is the meaning of life? God made us. Because he loves us and wants us to give to other people.

Do you like giving to other people?: Yes.

Why?: Because it’s a blessing.

Do You talk to God: Yes.

What do say to him?: I say all the usual stuff I always say.

Like what? Like, I thank you for this food, help it not to rain and help it to be super-sunny, and I pray for other people sometimes. I pray for him to help me find stuff and to obey.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?: I always give to God because it’s important. I do have one more thing to say. "One rule never makes sense to me…cleaning up after yourself. I don’t get that one. Cleaning up after yourself is not rocket science."

*that last little comment was a quote taken from “The Pond radio show. He's always quoting it. He thinks it's funny. I think he wanted to "spice up" the interview a little. My little comedian. :)



Kersandra said...

This is a great idea and so cute I think as my kiddos get older I will do this! HOW FUN!

Gudl said...

Ooh, that is so cute!! They grow up way too quick!! Enjoy him and his Birthday!
Happy Birthday from me, too!