Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm back with some late night randomness...

I miss blogging. I used to blog a lot, and I really liked it. I've been looking through some of my older blog posts and thinking of how many memories and special moments I've captured on here. It really is very special, like a virtual scrapbook. It's obviously been a long time since I've blogged regularly, and I'm a little sad about it actually. My life is a bit different now than it used to be. Not better or worse, just different. But, thinking back on all of the wonderful moments that I have captured here, it seems a shame to stop now. There are so many more moments to freeze in time. So, I am saying all of that to say, I want to be a regular blogger again. I want to have weekly recipe posts and fun pictures of the kids, and polls, and all of the other fun stuff I used to do. I feel like I need it. Funny, but true. If there are still any readers out there, I know there is at least one of you; please continue reading because I don't plan on going anywhere. :)

So...City living. I have spent most of my life in small towns but, always dreaming of what it would be like to live in a big city. In my early twenties I would think about city life and being where all of the action is but, thought I could never raise a family in the city, it just wouldn't be practical. I enjoyed visits to New York City but, enjoyed my small town life, where everybody knows your name....and they're always glad you came. (sorry, I had to throw that one in there.) I think people who grew up in the city must have daydreams of living in the country. The peace, quiet...and cows. Now, I am living proof that you can have a family and live in the city. Easy? Not always. Fun? Yes. Backyard? No. My son said the other day, I miss our yard but, I really like going to the playground. The playground and every other park in the city is our backyard, and there are some great ones. To be honest, I have no complaints. This is where The Lord has called us, and he is moving greatly here. I will say that it does get a bit lonely at times being away from family and friends. Attempting to form new relationships is not easy, but I know in time it will happen. One of my favorite things about the city is the diversity and every imaginable culture at your fingertips, it's really amazing. There are hundreds of ethnic restaurants right up the street from us, and we live across the street from a building where bands play at all hours of the night, could it get any better than that? Just kidding. The bands aren't that bad. :)
Anyway, city life is great and there are 1000's of people here that need to know God and his tremendous love for them and I'm so excited that he chose us to carry His light to this city.
Hey, I have an idea! If anyone is interested in asking any questions, like why we moved, what we're doing here, etc...feel free to comment, and maybe I'll make a blog post out of it or something.

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