Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Midnight Blogging.

It is 12am and I cannot sleep. Nothing new, really. These kinds of evenings are very normal. You know, the kind where your mind just will not shut off, no matter how much you try to force it. Thus resulting in midnight blogging. Honestly, this is really the first chance in a while that I have actually been able to sit and type anything. We were in Boston for 10 days and since then, I think I've only checked my email twice. Things are crazy. Really crazy. Good...but, crazy. We have something going on literally every, single, day. This weekend we just decided to chill. In fact, we ended up cancelling something we had planned for last night so we could just relax.
We were also invited to a cookout tonight but, opted to stay home and have a much-needed and very important family night. We had our own cookout and a bonfire, complete with s'more-making. Have you ever spread peanut butter onto the graham cracker before adding your chocolate and marshmallow? You must try it. Kent even brought out his guitar and we sang around the fire. We even sang Kumbaya. Yes...we did. The kids requested it, and I played it on the guitar. Not well, but I played it nonetheless. Kent laughed (to himself). We also told "homemade" stories, as the kids call them. After we tucked the little ones into bed, Kent and I watched a very predictable and slighlty less than entertaining movie* but, it was just nice to hang out together. Tomorrow, we will be having guests for the next few days, and then I will prepare for vacation! I cannot wait. I'm ready for the sand, sun and saltwater! The kids have been talking about it for weeks. It will be a fun break for us! Not sure the next time you'll hear from me. Thank you to all who are still keeping up!

*By the way...just in case you were wondering, the movie we watched was Bride Wars. Not as great as I expected, way too predictable like most romantic comedies. I didn't really think it was that creative. Anyway, I do love Anne Hathaway. (just my opinion...in case you wanted to know.)


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys have a great vacation!!! :)

MOMSWEB said...

knock,knock...just dropping by to visit your blog home! Have a great weekend! I enjoyed my visit (smile).