Friday, January 9, 2009

The Last Week...

Has been crazy. Would you like the scoop on what's been happenin' round here? Well...
Kent left to go out of town last Friday and I planned a fun weekend for the kiddos and I. We went out to lunch on Friday and watched a movie Friday night. On Saturday, we spent a good bit of time outside playing in the snow and on Saturday night went to a party at a friends house and didn't get home until was a ton of fun! Sunday morning came and we went to church. After church we drove to my mom's house in Buffalo and later on went out to dinner for pizza and we got home again around 9:30ish. We had such a great weekend. K had been sleeping on a "blanket bed" on the floor in our room (because he likes to do that when daddy's away). He woke up at midnight complaining of a bad tummy ache. Well, you know what bad tummy ache's in the middle of the night usually mean. Well, at least for my kids, they mean...tummy bug. At first I thought his tummy might have been upset because he had eaten alot of pizza that night but, after about 4 more times of sickness, I knew that wasn't it. I will spare you the details but, all day Monday he continued getting sick and then he just started going to the bathroom (if you know what I mean.) Tuesday was a little better but, he was still a little green-looking and weak. (poor little man). Tuesday night came and Kent arrived back home...feeling awful. He went to the Doctor and found out he had an ear infection and a sinus infection and was in terrible pain. Not fun. Wednesday came around and I went grocery shopping in the morning. Later on, I too was hit by the bug. Ugh. The good part (if any) was that it was a different strain than what my son had. Finally, last night I started feeling a little better. So far, little A is fine. She has an iron-clad immune system, seriously. She never gets sick. Last March, we all had the stomach bug again, and it didn't touch her. K is a little better today but still doesn't have much of an appetite. I hope things will start to settle down soon. I hate when the kids are sick. I hate when I'm sick. But really, who likes it.
Now, I'm catching up with some laundry and pretty much disinfecting the whole house. I am thankful that we weren't all sick at the same time...that wouldn't have been cool.
Hopefully, I'll have some more interesting posts for you soon!
Have a great day!

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Michelle said...

I feelin' for ya! The tummy flu is the WORST!!! At least it is usually short lived. Glad you guys are on the mend.

We will have to try getting together soon when all parties are feeling well. We're "almost" better here.