Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fashion Forward????

I took a very interesting fashion personality quiz and I thought I'd share the results with you...

You Are Fashion Forward
Trends are important to you. You are actively engaged in reports from the runway, the subtlest changes in the look of the moment and cultural shifts. It is critical that what you do and what you wear be up-to-the-minute and just ahead of the curve. What you do and wear is what everyone else will be doing and wearing six months from now. This means that your hair, makeup and clothes are constantly changing.
Fashion is a large part of your identity, and it will always hold a distinct place in your life. Your style is about status and showing you're in the know. You are very intuitive, and your career is often related to something creative. You could never be seriously involved with anyone who didn't have some appreciation of style.
Style role models: Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Drew Barrymore

I laughed when I read this because I'm not sure how accurate it was but, it was fun. I do happen to like Drew Barrymore's style so, that part was pretty accurate. The part where fashion is a large part of my identity...I wouldn't go that far. That my hair, makeup and clothes are always depends on the budget which is usually limited but, my hair does change from time to time. But, I do not wear things that everyone else wears six months later, I mean I am not that "with it" at all. I mean, I don't really know anyone like that, except for maybe a celebrity. And even so, I'd have to try ultra hard to do that and I frankly just don't have the time or money for that, nor do I even really care. The intuitive part is correct and the creative job thing...if I had a job, it would probably be in that field but, come to think of it, being a mommy requires tons of creativity! One thing is for sure, I am a girl that enjoys fashion but I'm not totally focused on it. It's something that's fun for me and I like trying new things.
If you'd like to take the same quiz, go HERE. There are some interesting quizzes like "Are you addicted to lip balm?" like you needed a quiz to tell you that. What, do they have lip balm rehab or something like that? (joking) Like you really need a quiz to tell you anything. But, they are quite fun if you need a little brain break. I'm sure this post hasn't really enhanced your life at all but maybe it added a little fun to it. :) And we all need that every now and then. :)


Jenny said...

Okay, I clicked on the quiz...I'm 55% romantic, 36% natural, and 9% fashion forward. And I think the 9% for fashion forward is too generous...I don't think of myself as trendy at all! Thanks for the fun post!

Vic said...

Hey I saw you on the CF blog and I really enjoyed your blog. It's always nice to find another Christian blogger. What BASIC thing did you go to? My friend just went to one too. I know it's a long shot but I was just wondering.

Vic said...

P.S. You're in my prayers for your blood screening tests. I hope you're doing well.