Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It seems like it's been awhile since I've actually posted something about our life. So, this post is dedicated to some of the "goings on" in our lives. A little life update, if you will. So, here you go...

Who's not busy these days? It's not us that's for sure. We are busy and my house has been buzzing with people over the past couple of days. I love it. I love having people over and entertaining. We lived in small rental spaces most of our marriage and now that God has blessed us with a home, I'm happy to open it to anyone who wants to come! On Mondays, we host a small group in our home, regularly we have about 14 adults and 7 kids but, this monday we had 5 kids and 8 adults. We always of course have food and coffee and a great time of discussing the Bible. We've been going through the Book of Acts and discussing biblical community, and trying to model that through our small group. It's been really great. Then, last night I had a group of 8 women come over for a meeting. We had pie and coffee and discussed important details of an upcoming Women's retreat. My mother-in-law is coming this weekend and on Saturday, I am hosting a small baby shower for a friend. Actually, I'm just providing the space, juice and coffee.

The kids are doing great. I am starting to homeschool K for preschool this year. There are alot of apprehensions involved (on my part) but, he seems to be thrilled about it. I just received the curriculum the other day so, right now I'm just sorting through it all and creating a lesson plan so I can get started. My personality is this; "Tell me exactly what to do and I'll do it. Once I've done it that way for awhile, I will tweak it and add my own creative flair." Make sense? That's how I do things best. I read the directions. Every time. Then, once I've done it that way, I look and see how I could have done it differently. I have to process things. I think that's how it will work with homeschooling. Right now, it's so new and fresh to me and I'm basically clueless so, I just have to do what I can right now.

The BASIC conference is rapidly approaching. My hubby is in the midst of his traveling season, visiting campuses before the conference. This is always an exciting time but, can be a little stressful as well. The conference is a big deal and my husband does a great job. They also have a small staff so, they rely on a lot of volunteers to help "sail the ship" so to speak. I have the opportunity to lead a couple of times of worship during the weekend so, I am excited about that and also preparing for that.

A is continuing to exhibit the qualities of a strong-willed child but, I am certain that she will grow to be quite a woman! We just have to encourage the strong-will in the right direction but, right now I'm not convinced there is one at this point. :) She daily tells me "momma, I love ya!" It's really cute. Her little smile melts my heart. *Brag Alert*.... she also can say and recognize all of her ABC's. She knows many of the sounds they make as well. She is also starting to recognize numbers as well. She sings constantly. Her current favorite song is "Your Grace Is Enough." She instantly recognizes it when it comes on the radio!

K is growing like a weed. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is my little helper. Any time I'm doing anything he wants to help, and you better believe I take full advantage of that. I hope it sticks with him through the teen years. I've developed a little chart and reward system for his chores and he has been doing excellent with that. But, of course there are the occasional "but, momma's..." He, too loves to sing and makes up songs regularly. He wakes up in the morning and immediately turns on his radio to listen to music. He loves picking out his own outfits as well. I have learned to let him do this sometimes, even if it means an orange shirt and camouflage pants and black shoes! But, Sundays for church I usually pick the outfit. He doesn't really like it but, that's the way it is! :) I catch him in little moments of kindness toward his sister. For example, yesterday I was in the kitchen and they were playing in the living room. A fell down or something happened where she fell and I overheard K say "are you Ok honey?...I'm glad you're ok." That warmed my heart.

Ok, enough gushing about the kids. But hey, it's my blog, I've gotta gush about the kiddos every once in awhile, right?

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Tabitha Blue said...

What great family photos in green!! Haven't seen that before, but what a great color to use, you all look great in it!

Congratulations on your home, it's such a blessing to have one and be able to use it to bless others. We have a small group in our house on Monday nights too!! We usually have around 17 adults plus their kids so it can get a little crowded. This past Monday was a little lighter crowd as well. We take what we've heard from Sunday and go through that. The past series we did at our church was called "Miracles", so it was a good one to go through.

That's awesome that you're going to start homeschooling! We have a little ways before that decision hits us, and I'm still not sure what we're going to do.. it's a big commitment. Our little girl is now 2, and sounds like one of yours... strong willed. :)

Have a great day!! It was nice stopping by and learning more about you!