Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Again!

It has been over a week since I have last posted. What's up with me? Just life, I guess. We have been pretty busy to say the least. I was going to do a nice, happy, pretty post about our Pumpkin day we had on Wednesday. But....something else happened that I thought might pique your interest. Or maybe not but, it will certainly make you laugh. This is another story about my lovely little A. She seems to be on a roll lately.
The other day, I had put her down for a nap. She naps like such a little champ. Later on, approximately 2 hours later, K comes to get me and says "momma, I hear A awake in her room." I said "she's ok, I'll go get her in a minute." Thinking that she would do what she normally does which is lay quietly in her bed and sing or play with a few toys....
I heard nothing from her room which of course made me nervous so, I went to see what was going on. I opened the door and I was greeted with a thick fog of baby powder. I gave a small cough and looked at my daughter sans clothing, lying on the floor. There were various toys and blankets and clothing lying around sprinkled with baby powder. In the midst of the chaos was a lone diaper guessed it....#2. All of my observations happened within about 30 seconds and I looked at A and said nothing. She looked up from the floor and said, with a cute little grin "I didn't do it on purpose." I quickly grabbed her and stuck her in the tub. Luckily I had an almost full can of carpet cleaner handy from the last time this happened. Yes, this has happened once before. Which is what led to us putting her in a big bed. But, obviously she did not let the Big Bed stop her there.
Ugh! That is what was going through my head. Ugh! The last thing I want to do is clean up white baby powder and #2 but, of course I did. A's head smelled like baby powder for 2 days after. And all of her toys are quite fresh as well. Everything on the floor went in the washing machine....twice. And her carpet received a fresh scrubbing and vaccuuming. I should probably tell you that the Value size bottle of baby powder was completely emptied out onto everything and everything so you can just imagine. Please do, it's quite comical. now. Anyway, let's just say as soon as I hear one peep out of her after her nap, I'm in there pronto.
So, that's the type of thing that's being goin' on round here. Mom stuff. Honestly, these things add some spice to our life as mom's. I look at them as memories. Funny and gross, maybe but, nonetheless; memories. So...I continue on my pilgrimage through motherhood. What a journey!

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you may remember this story that is very similar. What is it with my kiddos and baby powder?


Sarah said...

O man rough day

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh, yes it is! A journey indeed.

At least it was something that smelled sweet :) Looking on the bright side...!


Circular Logic said...

When I first read that she got into the baby powder, I thought, "I've heard this story before." Wow, she really likes baby powder, doesn't she?

Pleasant Drive said...

That is hysterical! I admire you for finding humor in it, rather than flipping straight out. So many would have done that.