Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation...Part 2- Finally!

Wow. Today, I was asking myself why I even keep a blog. I haven't been too good at it lately. I figured out last night that over the last month, we have been gone a total of 18 days. Here's how I figured it out...
5 days in Ohio visiting family, 7 days on vacation, 3 days in Washington DC and 3 days visiting Kent's mom. And Kent, well...he was gone for a week at the end of July so that makes 25 days for him. Crazy, huh. For most of the month I just kept my suitcase packed and added or took away from it whatever I needed. :) Anywhoo...I finally have some more vay-cay pics for ya. These are of the Olympic Ski-jumping Complex and Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid. The cutest part of our family on Whiteface Mt.
We have a pic like this with K when he was A's age. I'll have to dig it out.
This is the part where I was a wee bit nervous. I was trying to deal with the heights.
I don't mind them too much if there are bars or fences around but...this was pushing it. :)
The beauty of our surroundings made it all go away.

The chair lift at the Olympic Jumping Complex- where the olympic ski-jumpers practice.

They practice in the summer on this cool stuff made of plastic that they can slide easily on.

The aerial jumpers practice by jumping into this pool. They put on a program called

Wet and Wild Wednesdays where we could watch all of their tricks and get to see some young kids jump as well. It was a blast.

Ok. That's it for now. Some more interesting material to come soon. I promise. I think I'll be staying home for longer than a couple of days at a time...hopefully. :)

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