Saturday, August 2, 2008

Off We Go!

We leave tomorrow on our vacation to Tupper Lake, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. We are very excited! Since K was tiny, we've started the family vacation tradition. Sometimes it's the beach and sometimes it's camping. We just love being together. This year is extra special because the kids are both a little older and able to understand a little more about what we are doing. K has been looking forward to fishing and hiking and A is just excited that she can say the word "vacation" :) My husband always does a great job when planning our trips. He enjoys it. He does research online about the area we'll be going and he finds out if there are any activities going on in nearby towns, what restaurants are around, etc... I'm looking forward to just being out in nature and going to the lake. When K was 18 months old, we took him to the "Addies" to tent-camp. We were a little more adventurous back then. This year, we opted for a cabin. I think it'll be a little easier with the munchkins. At least until we get a pop-up camper. (Which is on our wish list). Anyway, blogging may be sporadic, if at all during this time so, stay tuned for lots of stories and pics when we get back!

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