Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun Finds Under $10

I don't know about you but, I just don't have a ton of money to spend on trendy stuff that goes out of style in a week. I enjoy fashion and style but, honestly, I don't like shopping for it. Finding cute and stylish things that are also affordable make it more fun for me. I'm kind of like a guy when it comes to shopping. I have a mission, I'm in. I'm out. That's it. But, get me in a store like Forever 21 or H&M, and it's a different story. I'm all over the affordable fashion. Here's a few really cute items from Forever 21. 2 are under $10 and the other is just over $20 if you're in the mood for a little splurge. :)

Item 1...Polished leaf necklace. I loved this because you can put it on when you're not sure what to put with your tee shirt or something casual. Very cute and unique. Only $4.80

Item 2...Jeweled Mod Ring. I absolutely love this!!! It comes in 3 colors (this one is my favorite) Black/gold, cream/gold and aqua/gold. And get this, it's only $5.80...fabulous.

Item 3...Faux Croc purse. With handbags, the bigger, the better for me. This one is great. It looks like it could fit several snacks, sippy cups, diapers, and my wallet, of course. Now, it unfortunately is not under $10 but, is still not a bad deal. $20.80

*Everything is from Forever 21. Gotta love em' for their stylish and affordable clothing and accessories. (They are not paying me to say that) :)

Stay tuned for more fun, affordable stuff!!

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Michelle said...

Loved the fashion update!!! You always look great so I'm up for any suggestions!!!

And the lack of commenting on my part is not b/c I'm not reading, I'm just a tad bit busy with baby and big brother!

Would love to see you guys sometime soon!