Monday, April 21, 2008

My Baby is 2...well almost.

This past weekend, we celebrated A's 2nd Birthday. Her actual birthday is April 25th but, we will be out of town then so we decided to celebrate before we left. Here are a few pics.
I am not very skilled at decorating cakes so, I make the best of it.
Thank goodness for $ tree winnie the pooh figurines!!
She was sooo excited with her winnie the pooh cake...
with strawberries and whipped cream...yum!
It was a hot one out!
Gramma Jean helping her up the slide!

When she opened this card Cinderella wished her a "Happy Birthday"

She couldn't stop opening it. A and Papa Mark (my dad, in case you couldn't tell) :)

We had a lovely day for the party. Kent's dad came up from PA and my dad and his wife came as well. My mom had come down with the flu much to her dismay and ours. We missed her dearly. We also missed Kent's mom who was in Florida but, all in all we had a wonderful time. A. Most of the day was spent outside because it was so beautiful. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

I'm not so sure A quite knew all the fuss was just for her but, when we asked her what her favorite part of the day was, she said "I like a ice keem." So that about summed it up for her!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday A! It looks like it was a fun one :)
I think the cake looks great!

Michelle said...

Happy Day for A! Looks like it was a special time. You did a good job on the cake - fun and colorful. You can never go wrong with strawberries and whipped cream.