Monday, March 10, 2008

My Son, The Teacher.

My son likes to "read" to his sister. It's quite cute. The other day, I overheard the both of them in her room and he was reading her a Sesame Street book. Here was their conversation...

K: " A, who is that?" (pointing to a picture of Elmo)
A: "that elmo."
K: "good girl"
K: "what color is that?" (pointing to something red)
A: "that boo." (blue)
K: " no...good try, that's red."
A: " that wed."

What a great little teacher he is! I love when they get along. :)


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I say the same thing. I love it when they get along and I catch them loving on each other. But, conversely, it breaks my heart to see them argue and fight.

How sweet that was reading to A - I wish Eve would do that with Judah. She probably would do it, but that boy won't hold still - ever!


Amanda said...

that is seriously sooo cute :)

Courtney said...

so sweet! I love it when my kids are really getting along!