Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Little Guy is 4!!!

We had a little party for K last weekend celebrating his 4th Birthday! Since he absolutely LOVES the Incredibles, he wanted an Incredibles themed party! He of course, had to wear his Mr. Incredible costume and everything was red, black and yellow! He had his friend Michael over, who just happens to be his "first friend". They've been friends since they were both babies. They play really well together and as you can see, they are both pretty cute!

K's nana gave him a truck that used to be his daddy's...a very special gift.
The pic above this one is K sporting some new flip-flops that he hopes to wear to the beach sometime soon!
We were thankful to not have too many more toys to find space for! K received lots of clothes, books and art stuff! At dinner that night he prayed and said "Dear Jesus, Thank You for my party and all of my presents and (proceeded to name all of the family members that were there) and michael coming to my party! My baby is growing so fast! He is such a treasure and I am blessed for every day The Lord has given me with him!

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Looks like it was a very fun "Incredibles" party! My mom told me how much K loves that costume!

Eve turning four was hard for me to swallow - it just felt so grown up. As for five... I think I'll probably wear black and be in mourning all day on her birthday. This having your kids grow up thing is seriously for the birds!!