Thursday, November 1, 2007

Harvest Party!

Last night was the annual Harvest Party held at a local church. K has been looking forward to it since the beginning of October. My mom and I went shopping for his costume. I called him and asked him to choose between spider-man or Mr. Incredible. Below is his obvious choice. To prepare, we watched "The Incredibles" so he could get some good tips. He liked how Mr. Incredible threw people and like to demonstrate by pretending to throw me as I would "fly" through the air and land on the couch. You should see it...I'm a great stunt-woman! :)

He was sooo proud of his "muscles" and had no problem showing them off when asked.
A, of course had to be a princess although her crown only made it for 2 minutes of the car-ride. She took it off and pulled her ponytail out and said "uh-oh, broke!"
We all had a great time. They also had a drama that shared about God having a purpose for everyone. There were tons of games, prizes and of course candy, which we ration through next year :) I took K to school this morning which is at the church where the party was and he said "what happened to the harvest party?" I told him it's all over until next year. Next stop...Thanksgiving!! One of my personal faves.


Katie said...

They both look so cute....I can't believe how big Ava has gotten...her hair is soo cute. It was great seeing you briefly last night too. We'll hook up next week!

bethany said...

The kids look great!! I saw Kole when he stopped to play the game I was running, and I wanted to ask him to flex so I could pretend to squeeze his little fake muscles. Too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Cole looks so cute(and VERY proud of himself)! I would love to see your stunt routine! Ha! Have a great weekend.