Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Terms of Endearment

Every morning when my daughter wakes up, my son loves to go in and get her with me. It's almost become a ritual. He will open the door, run in and shout "Good Morning goo goo ga gi gi ga." or something like that. :) I'm not sure where he got that from but, Ava absolutely loves it and she giggles uncontrollably...I think that's why he does it. Actually, around our house we have always had nicknames for each other. Some of them are quite silly.

Kole has been "buddy" since before he was born. He's also called "schmoo", "stinky", "cuters", "pumpkin-head", "bubby" or "bubba", various other terms including fruits and vegetables and whatever else we can think of. Ava also has a variety of "love-names". The latest one is Tuna Fish. I know...it sounds awful but, I think it's cute, and I happen to like Tuna Fish. I also call her "princess peanut", "be-ba", daddy calls her "bubba", she's sometimes referred to as "schmumpkin". Most of them don't actually make sense but, the kids love when we have special names for them especially when they are funny. I love making up new names for them... it keeps things fun!

Anyway, the point of this post was to ask you all to share some of your nicknames that you have for your kids. This should be fun!


The Chapmans said...

We love fun names too! It helps you take life lightly! Some of our names for Samuel included: Lentil (in utero), Boo, Sam Sam, bumpkin.

Carla said...

This is my hubby's area for sure:

Tiffany=squirrel bait

As adults they still EXPECT to hear their special names:)